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Problems with a certain M4A file in iOS with Phaser


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Hi all,


I'm having a problem playing a certain M4A file in iOS with Phaser. When I play this file in Phaser, it works just fine on OS X in Safari, and even Chrome and Firefox. However, when I try to play this file in iOS with Phaser, it simply doesn't play. It's very weird since it works fine in Safari on OS X, but fails in Safari on iOS. Also, no errors are thrown in the console on any platform.


Upon inspecting the file in TextMate and Sublime Text, the only thing that I see that could potentially be wrong is that there are a lot of null characters in the beginning of the file, but I'm no audio expert, so that could be perfectly normal. I also wonder if I am having this problem because I get a lot of my audio files by running them through http://audio.online-convert.com.


Does anyone have an idea as to what's wrong with my file that makes it not play in iOS?


Here is the file in question: http://cl.ly/2c3g2B0B2q3x.

Here is a demo: http://cl.ly/0h2C0I0F3Q2z.

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i believe iOS doesn't play sound until there's a touch event.. unless your issue is something else?




Ok, so it turns out that this is a problem with iOS needing a tap event to play sound. Thanks!

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