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TweenJS in Pixi without the tick


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I'm trying to implement TweenJS with Pixi and I have it working by adding the useTicks:true parameter and then calling createjs.Tween.tick(); in the requestAnimFrame.


I would like to have it working based off of time though instead of ticks.  Any idea how to implement this?


The TweenJS docs state a custom ticker function is required:


Tweenjs requires a ticker function, which is included in EaselJS. If you are not using EaselJS, you must build your own ticker function that calls tick on the tweens.
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If you want to use the ticker from EaselJS and not have to make your own or include the whole EaselJS library, you can do that by building TweenJS yourself.


1. Download the ticker file here: https://github.com/CreateJS/EaselJS/blob/master/src/easeljs/utils/Ticker.js

2. Download the TweenJS source here: https://github.com/CreateJS/TweenJS

3. Copy Ticker.js in src/tweenjs

4. Add "../src/tweenjs/Ticker.js", right after "../src/createjs/events/EventDispatcher.js", in build/config.json

5. Run grunt

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After talking with our PM's and legal we may be able to work something out with GreenSock.  Fingers crossed, i love that framework in AS3.


Still going to go the route of trying Grunt out too as I have been interested in that as well.

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