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Why I am getting 40 fps instead of 60 fps even on very simple scene?


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Hello everyone!

I was looking for the answers across forum topics but without success.  :unsure: 

I am just wondering why when I am viewing any babylon.js app (even as simple as Basic Scene on http://www.babylonjs-playground.com) it's frame rate always not higher than 40 frames per second. I was expecting it to be 60 fps...

Is there some reason for this or I am missing something?

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Thank you for your quick response KarelAnker!

Indeed, it looks like WebGL uses my integrated Intel Graphics Card:
Unmasked Renderer: ANGLE (Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)

How can I switch it to use my nVidia graphics card? (Sorry for such kind of question, but I am newbie in WebGL area).

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@jsdream it might sound silly but, have you got your display cable plugged into the graphics card or the display port on the motherboard?

I am using laptop. I also tried to set up NVIDIA graphics card to be used for all applications in NVIDIA control panel. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

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I think that Edge knows which card to use in your case

I have also thought so, but when I visit suggested by KarelAnker url (http://alteredqualia.com/tmp/webgl-maxparams-test/) in Microsoft Edge the Unmasked Renderer field still says Intel® HD Graphics 4000. 

That is why I am a little bit confused. Maybe there is some issue with the script for WebGL parameters detection on the provided page? Or it is really possible that Microsoft Edge performs much better than other browsers, with the same graphics card?


You can select NVIDIA from its control panel. Go to the NVIDIA control panel and then 3d settings, and switch the preferred graphics card to NVIDIA's.


(tutorial with images here: http://alteredqualia.com/texts/optimus/)

As I have written above I already tried that. When I did it first time there was not any effect at all. Then I read the tutorial (http://alteredqualia.com/texts/optimus/) and updated NVIDIA driver to the latest version available for my graphics card. After that I again changed preferred card in NVIDIA control panel, but now that caused my Chrome browser to freeze any time when I open my Babylon.js scene. 

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