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Particles and Serialize


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Hello, fathers and childs of BABYLON.JS :)


Here http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1OALWX  interesting fact :)

ParticleSystem has attribut name (in this case "particlesQ") but this name not save in serializer (see console output).


Later (in my script), when i load scene, name set automaticaly  "particles#"+name of emmiter  (particles#Plane, particles#Qube).  

Bug or features? I think small evil bug :)

p. s.:

in  19985 (babylon.2.2.max.js):
var particleSystem = new BABYLON.ParticleSystem("particles#" + emitter.name, parsedParticleSystem.capacity, scene);





We do not banned - create scene, camera, light, create particles system, but not set emitter and have error.  In SceneSerializer?.


I think here is two ways:

Required emitter in ParticleSystem constructor (tough), or let SceneSerializer save that ParticleSystem without missing attributies as is (prefer).
If not, please, direct me in right way :)

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