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Performance in Firefox and Safari


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Has anyone else noticed a lack of performance in Firefox and Safari for v3?


I've got a lot going on in the small game I'm creating, and I dont actually think Pixi is my performance bottleneck at all, but was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences,


Chrome runs at a solid 60fps even with the inspector open

Firefox at about 45-50fps

Safari just 30 or so


If I add about a 1000 objects to my physics simulation (I'll get to other factors in a mo) then

Chrome still chugs along at 60fps

FF goes down to 25-30

Safari is lucky if it hits 15


I'm using P2 for the physics stuff, but, to there is a lot else that is probably to blame over Pixi, including ImmutableJS (for data), React (for UI level) and it uses Stage 0 Babel transforms for feature compatibility and polyfills, so, yeah, I'll try to isolate just the Pixi/P2 bit, but its not straight forward. Thought I'd ask first and also investigate myself.


Its webGL rendered.


Platform is Mac, nearly new Retina 15-inch and slightly older non-retina 13-inch Air, similar perf pattern on both

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I've got the demo there, although FF seems to 'warm up'! It'll run at 40 or so but then speed up to a solid 60 sometimes!

Starfield.prototype.update = function update() {  var _this = this;  this.stars.forEach(function (star) {    var _bounds;    var starpos = star.getPosition();    if (!(_bounds = _this.bounds).contains.apply(_bounds, _toConsumableArray(starpos))) {      var diffX = _this.pos.x - starpos[0];      var diffY = _this.pos.y - starpos[1];      // Set position if the difference is outside the bounds      star.setPosition(Math.abs(diffX) >= _this.opts.size.width ? _this.pos.x + diffX : starpos[0], Math.abs(diffY) >= _this.opts.size.height ? _this.pos.y + diffY : starpos[1]);    }  });}; 

Its this function that causes the most issues, which could do with some optimisation anyway.


The array holds 500 of so stars in this test and it makes a bounding test on each of them before moving them if necessary. The babel transpilation could be the real killer here.


I'll play with optimising it, I always knew this bit would be the bottleneck anyways.

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Ha ha, yeah, fairly brutal, I've tidied up a little since then! It wasnt working right anyway!


I've opened an issue in the repo as I've seen the FF 'warming' up thing in a few places now, although the bunnymark works well so I dont think the issue lies with pixi. I'll knock up a proper test case at some point, where I expect I wont be able to replicate!

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