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Can BABYLONJS support large scale scene of more than 10 million triangular faces?

Ingo Chou

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 This question is too generic to be answered as-is. Can you please share which kind of scene you're thinking of? There is a lot of things to take into considerations:


 - the GPU and CPU you're targetting (desktop? mobile?)

 - some WebGL & JS limitations. JS is mono-threaded, so if you have a lot of draw calls, performance will fall down much sooner than 10 million faces

 - is it just for rendering or do you need collisions enabled? Collisions will be handled by JS thread and will cost perf also.

 - 10 million faces can be handled at 30 fps but you need very few draw calls, use a modern browser such as Chrome or MS Edge and uses instances like this demo: http://www.babylonjs.com/index.html?INSTANCEDBONES


 This is theorically possible but on a good hardware with a very specific scenario. One of our biggest scenes are Mansion and Hill Valley and are using around 1 million faces max.


 Using specific algorithm (LOD + mesh streaming), one of our partner managed to displayed up to 20 M triangles using babylon.js: http://www.cintoo3d.com/demo/demo/





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Hi, David


Thanks for your reply.


BABYLONJS is,as everyone knows, a very good JS Engine! It is very excellent!


So I want to develop a game with BABYLONJS.


There are many cities and definitely need collisions.


My scene contents have gradually increased.


Now there are more than 10 million faces in my scene and it's draw call is about 10 thousand.


I test it with DX, but I want to develop it with HTML5 finally.


So I want to know:


Can BABYLONJS render this large scale scene?


Thanks again.

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10 000 draw calls!!! OMG. This is far too much for WebGL and JS to handle.


200 to 300 draw calls is really something maximum you should target to be able to be executed on most PCs. Probably a bit more on big & fast CPU but you've got the idea.


Same for your models. Keep in mind that targetting the web today with WebGL 1 is like targetting a mobile. You've got more or less the same restrictions on texture quality, number of faces, number of draw calls.


But we'll be happy to support your project!


With which tool are you creating your 3D models? 3DS Max, Blender?

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