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Filters on Sprites used as masks


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I'm adding a filter to sprite (generated by RenderTexture) to make the sprite solid black.

I've tried simply 

islandShape.tint = 0x000000

and I've tried


var makeBlack= new PIXI.filters.ColorMatrixFilter();makeBlack.brightness(0,false);islandShape.filters = [makeBlack];

I've tried applying both to the texture and to the sprite that uses the texture.


Now, if I add that sprite to a container just as a child (not a mask), then I see a nice, black shape (as I would expect and want).

However, if I add the sprite as a mask to a container and start adding other sprites to the container, it acts as if the tint or filter was never applied. The details of the original untinted (or unfiltered) sprite shine through. 


Is this expected behavior? Did I stumble upon a bug? Or, am I doing something wrong?



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