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Code executing without button press (Beginner)


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Greetings people smarter than myself.  This is my first phaser self-guided exercise. I'm also very new to object oriented programming - and that may be the issue at hand.


I have a single gamestate, "playgame", which has a placeTiles() function that I don't want to execute until a user clicks a "Begin" button.  However, my code is not working as intended because the placeTiles() function is executing immediately upon loading.


I think there is a fundamental concept that I'm missing.  As you can see, I'm using preload, create, then some of my own -  placetiles, showtile.  Is it SOP for all of the functions inside playGame.prototype to run on initialization? If I don't want something running at that time, how do I prevent it or where should I move that block of code?  Wouldn't it need to go within playGame somewhere?

playGame.prototype = {	myMoney: 	null,	theEmpire: 	[],		preload: function(){		game.stage.setBackgroundColor(0xEBEBFF);  		game.load.spritesheet("gadgets", "gadgets.png", tileSize, tileSize);	},		create: function(){                   		// I've removed some code here where I create my background and color scheme		// Create the Begin Button which should place the other tiles.				var beginButton = game.add.button(  20,50,"gadgets",this.placeTiles(),this);		beginButton.frame = 10;				// There's a bunch more code here I've removed for this forum post */			},		placeTiles: function(){         		for(var i=0; i < numCols; i++){			var serialButton = game.add.button(     250 * (i+1)												,   game.height/5 + (i*tileSpacing)												,   "gadgets"												,   this.showTile												,   this);			serialButton.frame = i+1;			serialButton.value = this.theEmpire[i];		}//i++			},		showTile: function(target){		//More functions, etc...	  },};    game.state.add("PlayGame", playGame);     game.state.start("PlayGame"); };

Any explanation or guidance would be most appreciated.  Thank you for your time!

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