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Organizing JavaScript by setting scope?


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I come from Flash and was able to something like this (it's been awhile so syntax likely incorrect):

//This...house1 = new Object();house1.living_room.chair = new Chair();house1.living_room.chair2 = new Chair();//...could be shortened to something like this:house1 = new Object();house1.living_room {chair = new Chair();chair2 = new Chair();}

Is there an equivalent in JavaScript?  It just makes the code a bit easier to read when creating complicating objects that I can't easily convert in to some type of constructor.  Been searching forever can't find anything.

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In JavaScript, you could just do this:

var house1 = {    living_room: {        chair: new Chair(),        chair2: new Chair()    }};

Although your example raises the question why you don't just use an array if you have more than one thing of the same "type", as is the case with your chairs:

var house1 = {    living_room: {        chairs: [new Chair(), new Chair()]    }}
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Is there an equivalent in JavaScript?


I think you're looking for JavaScript's "with" statement. However, use of "with" is strongly discouraged and the statement is now deprecated. Instead, I normally reduce repeated use of a long reference as follows:

var lr = house1.livingRoom;lr.chair1 = new Chair();lr.chair2 = new Chair();
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