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Error when getting tile at determined x and y positions with a scaled tilemap


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I was trying to make climbable ladders in my platformer by testing if the player or any npc is in front of a ladder, but my map is scaled with the setScale() method. When I tried this:

this.playerHasStairBehind = this.mapa.hasTile( escada.getTileX(this.player.x), escada.getTileY(this.player.y), escada );

By the way, escada means ladder or stairs and is a scaled layer imported from the tilemap "mapa".

But that code returned this error:


In order to solve this, I managed this workaround:

this.playerHasStairBehind = this.mapa.hasTile( escada.getTileX(this.player.x/this.mapScale), escada.getTileY(this.player.y/this.mapScale), escada );

I hope I've helped someone with this post!  :)

And thanks for Phaser, it's an awesome framework!

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