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how to move a mesh with FreeCamera?


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This question might sound simple but...

I import a shopping cart into my scene using SceneLoader.ImportMesh. I want to link the cart to my FreeCamera so that when the camera moves, the mesh will follow the camera.


If I declare

cart.parent = camera;

the cart vanishes


So instead I am using

cart.parent = camera.parent;

which doesn't make sense to me but at least the cart does appear in the scene but does not move. Any ideas ?


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Hagop, with :

cart.parent = camera;

you are effectively standing in the cart :o


Try adding an offset to the cart  with:

cart.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(x,y,z);

and adjusting the x,y,z values until the cart appears where you want it. My guess - just the y and z values for the cart to be in front of you.


You may have to scale the cart too.


Then parent to the camera.


Hope that helps.


cheers, gryff :)

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Thanks gryff for the reply. I can import, position and adjust the cart. However, what I want is the cart to move with the Free Camera. In essence I want  the cart to be a First Person View. Additionally I want the cart to move left and right when I move the Free Camera with left and right arrows, but when I move the camera up or down with up and down arrows, I want the cart to remain still.?

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