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How to make a web browser to see babylon sites?


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Hi everyone!


I´m trying to make a web browser with VB Net in Visual Studio 2015 to be able to see babylon sites but when I enter to: https://get.webgl.org/ I get the following message:


"Oh no! We are sorry, but your browser does not seem to support WebGL." and a link to upgrade to Windows 10 (which I already have)


What can I do to be able to load babylon sites in my browser?


Thanks and happy Todosantos and Día de los Muertos day.

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Thanks for your replies.


Yes, as KarelAnker said I´m trying to do a web browser with VB.Net using VS2015, My first attempt was with the "webbrowser" element but when I want to visit babylon sites as: http://concept.wec360project.se/single2.html

I get:


HTMLElement is not defined
Object does not support property or method 'defineProperty'
Object does not support property or method 'addEventListener'
Object does not support property or method 'getContext'
Object does not support this action
Was expected ';'


I wanted to do this by vbnet because I dont have only basic knowledge with C# or C++


Deltakosh, can you tell me if a browser made with windows10 webview can be installed and used on windows 7?


One more question: what could be be best way if I want to make the same thing for android?


Thanks again.

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