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How to update online documentation


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I spend much time updating the documentation online : I edit the file with the github editor, this creates a branch in my own repo, then I PR it.

I understand that these PR are merged because I received mails notifying it.


But when I come to the github doc site on the branch master, I can often see that my updates aren't in the master doc. So where are they then ?

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Oh sure, I close Tutorial Talk so that all documentation chatter lands in the pinned "Contributing to documentation 101" thread, and then you start another Tutorial Talk-like thread.  Way to go!  :D


Ok, but, back to Jerome's question... I'm interested in everything I can learn about our docs system.  I think a 'build' needs to be done... to get freshly-edited .md to show-up on the docs website, but I don't think that pertains to your question, J. 


Whomever answers... feel free to talk talk talk.  :)  In French = perfectly a-ok!  Then we'll put a link to THIS thread... into the pinned thread.

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Hi Jerome!


But when I come to the github doc site on the branch master


Do you mean on the github repo, or on the doc website ?



When you update the .md files, nothing appear on the doc.

Why ? Because there's a "build" part. This is used to transform the .md files to .html files. (plus create an index for the search system and some other things).

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There is a manual "build" action (as jaskar said) from merging PR you write to the documentation website.

The doc website is fully static: that means there is no database, no markdown dynamic retrieving and so on. An admin had to pull the whole repo, run the build command (grunt build) and commit it back to the repo.

Finally, the "master" branch of Github is merged with the "production" branch (also manually).


I try to run the merge and the build once every week, and DK do it sometimes too.


Don't worry J., your PR are not lost :)

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