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"I  don't understant what you wrote  ;) "


@Raanan : actually in my initial sentence, I tried to use the maximum real french words, pronounced in french, side by side, having no meaning like this in french, but sounding like an english sentence... and when a word was missing, I just wrote one invented, but with french spelling


jeuste : not french, but pronounced "just" in french spelling

ouate : french noun = cotton wool

aouaz : not french, could be french-arabic, but pronounced like "I was"

loup  = wolf, pronounced "loo"

quine = kind of bingo game, pronounced "kin'"

fort = strong, pronounced "for"

loup quine fort (no sense at all = wolf-bingo-strong) => looking for


in other words : just cotton wool I was wolf bingo strong  :D


I like making those kind of riddles (for french speakers, only)

scie y houx sous noeud !


scie = saw , sounds "see"

y = it, sounds "ee"

houx = holly, sounds "oo"

sous = under, sounds "soo"

noeud =  knot, sounds "nö" auf Deutsch, maybe "noh" or "nh" in english


see - ee-oo - soo - nh => see you soon  :P

saw it holly under knot !

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Hebrew will be difficult to write with a latin keyboard, nope ?


Aber warum nicht ?


A beurre va roux me niche te ?


they all sounds in french like in the german sentence

a = have 

beurre = butter

va = go

me = me

niche = niche

te = you


aber warum nicht ? => have butter go me niche you ?

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