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Particle containers inside a regular container


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I have a few particle containers that I wanted to add a filter to. Now, I know that this can't be done, I've tried :) And I understand why you can't.


So, my solution was to take those particle containers and add them to a regular container and then add my displacement filter to the regular (parent) container. 


My question is: does this defeat the purpose of the using the particle containers in the first place (performance)? I don't know if this "undoes" what particles containers "do".



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Hi Ivan!!

I have 2 PIXI.ParticleContainer's inside 1 PIXI.Container

Just curious if throwing those 2 particle containers inside a regular container defeats the purpose if the performance gains of the particle containers.




Hey Sharpleaf!


Ok, I read the code.


Regular container's renderWebGL method deals with filters and masks, and then calls render method of childrens.

Particle container renderWebGL calls his older brother ParticleRenderer which is tracking childrens parameters.


These two behaviours are so different , that its better to stack two objects inside each other than try to inherit it and make SuperParticleContainer. And it only costs one extra updateTransform() call, which does not affect the performance.



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