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Fuzzy canvas due to devicePixelRatio not taken into account


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Hey fellow Pixies,
I have blurring issues with my Pixi stuff. At first I thought that this was somehow a Pixi issue (core issue, or me using it wrong).
Then I found out this is a general issue with canvas and devicePixelRatio.


I made a small repro myself:


It shows:
1./ The raw button img tags as shown and scaled by the "normal browser renderengine".
2./ A Pixi playground with the native and retina versions of the image (both blurry).
3./ A normal canvas render (also blurry)
4./ A normal canvas render with the CSS scale method used (sharp)

I'm considering rolling my own Pixi modification for this. But I prefer not too, since my understanding of Pixi and gfx stuff limits me to brute hacks.
Does anyone know if a solution for this is already available somewhere, or perhaps it is already possible with Pixi in some way that I just haven't spotted yet?

I found this post that describes the same issue:


As the asker also found renderer.context.setTransform(ratio, 0, 0, ratio, 0 ,0); does not seem to make any difference. If I use "resolution: ratio" when initializing the renderer, everything becomes bigger (so that would need to be combined with the CSS-scaling I guess).

Best regards
Torben Rohde

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