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Ejecta supports AppleTV. How can I get Phaser working with Ejecta?


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I spent all last night looking for examples of how to use Phaser in Ejecta. I kept seeing people say they had success, but no code examples.

I kept getting an error saying "Could not create Canvas or WebGL context".

Now that Ejecta supports AppleTV, I'd love to port some of my Phaser games. Does anyone have a better example of how to get Phaser working in Ejecta? Thanks!

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I got it working! I had to make a few changes within Phaser. There's probably a better way, but changing these 3 lines helped it start working:


34463 - Change this line to grab the Ejecta created canvas: this.canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');

34478 - Change this.device.canvas to this.device.ejecta
74915 - Removing the scrollTo function
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Pixi and Three.js work well with it, but the hangup I had with Phaser seems to be with forcing it to use an existing canvas element instead of creating its own.


Which version of PIXI & Ejecta was that?

It doesn't work for me with Ejecta 2.0 and PIXI 3.0.2.


(For CanvasRenderer it breaks with TypeError: this.interactionDOMElement.addEventListener is not a function and for GLRenderer I get TypeError: this.view.addEventListener is not a function.)

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