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Procedural Textures


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Hey guys,


are the procedural textures deprecated or just broken at the moment? :P


The example playground doesn't seem to work anymore: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#24C4KC


And my try to set up a super simple test doesn't seem to work either: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1C7HU0


If I try with a version that I downloaded not too long ago everything seems fine. So I am assuming something (bad) happened in the last few days... maybe something went wrong when introducing the material library?

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huu.. no, I didn't


Maybe is it more linked to the MeshBuilder port... I think the former optional subdivision process wasn't reported when the Mesh signature was redone.

I just can't remember what exactly was this process.. something like : if this parameter is a scene instance, then the other can't be a subdivision, etc

DK might know.


I guess the MeshBuilder call should work anyway

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Well let's get demented then, and mix fire procedural texture (PT) with this new fire material!  Let's get everyone totally confused.  :)




Lines 48-56... are they not-working properly?  :o


Pardon my lack of knowledge, but why do we need both types of fire materials/textures?  Can this type of shader fire do things that the PT fire cannot?  I suppose so, eh?  I'm not sure that I can see the big picture, here.


Should we have a water PT?  (procedural texture) 


I think we will need LOTS of water to keep this pyromania in-check.  ;)


And... hmm... there is another animated shader/mat/pt that COULD be developed... blowing dust/snow.  (in case there's a demented shader-master reading this.)


Drifts?  Nooo... I think that's a job for SPS (solid particle system).  heh   We will want to plow those dirt/snow drifts with our Tonka toys, someday.

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