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Fast pixel setting on image/bitmap


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Hey guys, I'm wondering if there's a faster way to set pixels on an image. This seems to work OK but rendering is something that I'd really like to speed up if possible.

Also, if I eventually only set pixels that changed, maybe I shouldn't be using putImageData to copy all pixels each frame?

Any ideas or advice are welcome.

    for (var x = 0; x < this.map.width; x++)    {        for (var y = 0; y < this.map.height; y++)        {            var cell = this.map.cells[x][y];                        var a = 255;            var r = cell.r;            var g = cell.g;            var b = cell.b;                        this.bmd.setPixel32(x,y, r, g, b, a, immediate=false);        }    }    this.bmd.context.putImageData(this.bmd.imageData, 0, 0);

Thanks very much,


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If your bmd is added as the texture of a Sprite , it should update itself, no need to manually redraw everything. (Might need to set .dirty=true)


Thanks for the reply. I tried with both an image and a sprite - the dirty flag doesn't cause a redraw at all.

this.bmd.dirty = true; //placed instead of this.bmd.context.putImageData(this.bmd.imageData, 0, 0);

And yes , I assume your map doesn't change that often. , so only update parts of the texture as needed

Potentially a large portion could change in some frames, others little. So I need something that best suits both. - I guess by only updating those parts is just done automatically by only using setPixel32 on the pixels that changed, and phaser will handle the rest?


Thanks again

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hmm your method seems to be the way to do it and it's not fast




this is worth a look though. maybe copyRect is faster. i wonder if you could copyRect from a colour palette texture with 1x1 colours on it





edit: no that's slower ...

context.drawImage: http://phaser.io/sandbox/Wbkstglt/play


also look at these


rect: http://phaser.io/sandbox/rmiJgxCD/play


processPixelRGB: http://phaser.io/sandbox/GOmiEhpp/play

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