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Best way to have an in-game options menu? RSGUI? BitmapData?


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I'm new to Phaser coming from a Flash AS2 background and in Flash, if I wanted a popup options menu, I would simply load a movie clip instance onto the canvas at whatever level was available.  I would like to create a similar options menu using Phaser, but am not sure of the best way to approach it. I've played with the RSGUI files and have defined a layout I like, but while it works in a single HTML file, I cannot seem to get the window to load on my multi-state game.  The window isn't needed until the 5th state loads and while I feel like I've got the code in the right places, I keep getting Undefined errors in the console for the GUI JS files (which are defined).  


I guess I could maybe load a bitmapData rectangle and load images on top of that? but is there an equivalent to loading a single object like the Flash movie clip with all of the text and buttons in place?  In this case, I was trying to have 3 sliders to control music volume, speech volume and sound effects volumes, so the RSGUI scrollbar seemed perfect, but I can't get it to work in-game. 


Any thoughts on the best approach to an in-game menu?


Thank you!



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