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Virtual Joystick's canvas cover the renderCanvas and scene can't listener mouseEvent


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this._leftjoystick = new BABYLON.MyVirtualJoystick(true);



i just add these code. when i open it with my iphone6, touches is no reaction... the control circle doesn't appear...

And it can't be test on PC.

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You need to add a reference to jQuery PEP to have touch support on all platforms. I was using hand.js in the past.



Is there sample code??


so i should both add reference jquery and jquery.pep? but i dont use other jquery function...

the pep may be more used in html element... is it fitable for babylon? and can i make virtualJoyStick easyly???

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You just need to use jQuery PEP polyfill: https://github.com/jquery/PEP we're now using it by default in the Virtual Joystick code and on our website: babylonjs.com . No need for jQuery itself.

It hasn't change the way to use our sample code.

I'm adding a full screen 2d canvas on top of the rendering canvas to catch pointer events on it. Can't see how I can do in another way. You can register other events on it if you need to.

What are you trying to do exactly?


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that's nice. i'll try...(pep)


yeah, i see the virtualJoystick code and the full screen 2d canvas's zIndex = 5.   so the scene.onPoinerDown = function(){ ....} is invalid.


I was wondering if there any way to transfer the 2d canvas's event to the canvas behind , not swallow it.  

may be the event module should be reinforced.  like the cocos2d-x i used. 

Because the bjs is best choice for game...


(don't blame me on the grammer..)

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