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Error: Active camera not set


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Was going to post the same thing today Dad. Seems to be with BJS 2.3. Same code I am using works quite happily with BJS 2.2 and it  includes the  BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load () coding


And despite the error message the camera does see to be active.


The exact message I get with FF which may be helpful:


Error: Active camera not set babylon.2.3.js:9:16353


And with the FreeCamera, which is active as I can move around quite easily, the number of the same error messages climbs when moving the mouse cursor - but not the arrow keys.


cheers, gryff :)


Edited to add some extra info from my experiences.

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the error here, but I do not really know why this error produce : 

Scene.prototype.createPickingRayInCameraSpace = function (x, y, camera) {            var engine = this._engine;            if (!camera) {                if (!this.activeCamera)                    throw new Error("Active camera not set");                camera = this.activeCamera;            }            var cameraViewport = camera.viewport;            var viewport = cameraViewport.toGlobal(engine);            var identity = BABYLON.Matrix.Identity();            // Moving coordinates to local viewport world            x = x / this._engine.getHardwareScalingLevel() - viewport.x;            y = y / this._engine.getHardwareScalingLevel() - (this._engine.getRenderHeight() - viewport.y - viewport.height);            return BABYLON.Ray.CreateNew(x, y, viewport.width, viewport.height, identity, identity, camera.getProjectionMatrix());        };
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This is because you have two scenes:

var createScene = function () {						scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);			BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("", "http://www.castorengine.com/public/demo/Teste/game_castor.babylon", engine, function (newScene) {						scene = newScene;			

the first scene (scene=new BABYLON.Engine(engine)) is created but never used. But still referenced by engine. Just remove it.


On my side  will fix this to prevent the error

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