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Insights on how best to handle extremely large tilemaps


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So I have a tile map I need to generate that is 1920px by 38400px in size. Huge I know. The tileset I'm using to generate it is considerably smaller with 42 tiles where each tile has dimensions 40px X 40px.

Naturally only a portion of the tile map will be visible at any time so my plan is to generate chunks of the tilemap on the fly that I can pan/zoom/scroll over.


So far I've created the tile map using Tiled, exporting the map data as JSON. I've also created a separate JSON following TexturePacker's format so I can load the tileset into PixiJS. My next step is to take regions of the map data and draw them to a texture (or two for double buffering), redrawing/updating said texture every time the user pans/scrolls into a new region.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it though. Anyone have any experience with this scenario?


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I've gone the opposite way about it and re-used tiles going out of view by moving them and changing their appearance so that they become the tiles coming into view as you move around. It was done (quite a long time ago now!) in DOM but performance was fine, even for mobiles (old phones now). I can only imagine canvas would be far faster at doing this sort of thing.


I'm not suggesting it is a better implementation, just a different one.

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You arent' first ;) Gigantic tilemap, (tiles 32x32) in production for 4 years: https://gameofbombs.com




https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/pixi-tilemap : RPGMaker tiles, no chunks but that implementation is very fast, it uses shaders. I'll improve canvas fallback and it will be canonic lib for pixijs :) It doesnt depend on your map format, its like a super-effective ParticleContainer.


I can help you to adjust pixi-tilemap for your project :)


UPD. i need to add Tiled to list of supported tilemaps anyway. Lets work together? :)

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