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incremental loading.. how to?


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 Yes, I know how to use it :) The doc points to a C# tool you need to compile: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/Tools/MakeIncremental that will generate a cmd line tool.


 You then need to provide as an input your classic .babylon file and it will split it into several .babylonmeshdata file to support incremental loading. Some of our scenes on BabylonJS.com are using this system like The Car one: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Samples/tree/master/Scenes/TheCar


 Once your scene has been converted to incremental, just provide this file to the loader of babylon. You can have a look to our scene loader logic from BabylonJS.com too: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Samples/blob/master/js/loader.js





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Je suis nouveau ici

J'ai creer une scene avec Blender ,exportee en . babylon

Meme probleme que Vijay  avec Makeincremental: pas de probleme au debug mais la fenetre cmd se ferme immediatement

Petite aide serait la bienvenue


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Could anybody please tell me how to pass the .babylon file for "incremental loading solution in console application" or to "MakeIncremental.exe" for converting .Babylonjs file to .incremental.babylon

For EX:  

Name : "Scene.babylon" is the file which i exported from unity

 MakeIncremental.exe path:    C:\Users\Kishore\Downloads\MakeIncremental\bin\Debug\MakeIncremental.exe

.babylon file path: "C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample" the file located in.

texture Path: "C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample"

Through windows cmd i tried below line but its not executing

C:\Users\Kishore\Downloads\MakeIncremental\bin\Debug\MakeIncremental.exe /i:\"C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample\Scene.babylon" [/textures]



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