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Multi Material not working after baking a mesh


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I have a box mesh that I am baking a scaling transform into because it has child meshes whose current sizes I do not want to change. I have applied a multi material to this mesh that has 6 submaterials (one for each face). The problem is when I bake the scaling transform, the material starts displaying the same texture for each face rather than a different texture for each face (it displays correctly before baking). Does anyone know why this is and/or how I could fix this?


I won't have screenshots or code examples until i get into work tomorrow but if anyone has any ideas It would be very helpful1




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Hi Slippery, welcome to the forum!


http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1V3CAT#49  (a playground demo by Jerome and followers - which I have modified to test parenting-to meshBuilder mesh)


Take a look at lines 43 - 57... if you please.  See how you can build an 'options object' and use it as an arg/param... to make a box of any size... WITHOUT using scaling?  Yay meshBuilder!


Ain't that cool?  In line 56, I parent box2 ... to box ... and look at that!  No inherited scaling.  Scaling is still inherited, but the parent hasn't been scaled.


I don't know if/how any of this info applies to your sub/multi-materials issue.  I don't work with multi-materials very often.  So yeah, here you see the meshBuilder, and the perFace box-texturing thing... both are core contributions... by Jerome.  (He's a God!)  And both "features" might help your project... maybe.  Let's hope it works out that way.  Welcome again, keep us posted.

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