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CASTORGUI.GUISpinner step size issue


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I am using the excellent  CastorGUI extension but am having a small problem.


It  seems like the step size is being ignored in CASTORGUI.GUISpinner when set to 2 instead of 1.  In the code below I am creating two spinners (one for width of shed and one for length).



var WidthSpinner = function()  { shedWidth =   guiSpinnerW.value * 12;scene.dispose();scene=createScene(); };  


var LengthSpinner = function() { shedLength = guiSpinnerL.value * 12;scene.dispose();scene=createScene();  };   


var css = "button{cursor:pointer;} #textDialog{margin:6px;}";


var guisystem = new CASTORGUI.GUIManager(canvas, css);


var guiTexture = new CASTORGUI.GUITexture("life", "data/image.png", {w:50,h:50,x:100,y:3}, guisystem, null);


var guiSpinnerW = new CASTORGUI.GUISpinner(

"spinW",{value:8,stip:2,w:30,h:25,x:10,y:3,min:8,max:12}, guisystem, WidthSpinner);


var guiSpinnerL = new CASTORGUI.GUISpinner(

"spinL",{value:16,stip:2,w:30,h:25,x:50,y:3,min:8,max:40}, guisystem, LengthSpinner);



In my tests, the spinners function properly but increments by ones, not by twos as I was trying for.  I tried spelling "stip" as "step" with no evident change in behavior.    Can anyone point me to a fix here.  I looked at the source online and did not  see where the counter associated with the spinner control was being incremented.




Thanks a lot.



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Ok, is fixed. it was because of stip I renamed in step


Therefore, you must rename the stip option in step (with the new version of the deposit)


var guiSpinnerW = new CASTORGUI.GUISpinner("spinW",{value:8,step:2,w:30,h:25,x:10,y:3,min:8,max:12}, guisystem, WidthSpinner);
var guiSpinnerL = new CASTORGUI.GUISpinner("spinL",{value:16,step:2,w:30,h:25,x:50,y:3,min:8,max:40}, guisystem, LengthSpinner);
I add in passing a new class: GUIColor with documentation. (it may also be useful)
Thank you for your report.
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