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I use easystarJS and the PhaserPlugin to generate coordinates for pathfinding. This works well and I've got an array called "Path" which contains every x/y coordinates that a sprite should be moved to. The pathfinding "Event" fires 1 time when clicking on a map layer.

some code:

this.findPathTo = function(tilex, tiley) {    pathfinder.setCallbackFunction(function(path) { //callback with path      var path = path; //path array with ever x / y coordinate for every tile to walk over      for (var i = 0, ilen = path.length; i < ilen; i++){        var num = i;/*        setTimeout(function(){// This is a bad idear, what to put here?          console.log(path[num]);          reference.DBugger.x = path[num].x * 20;          reference.DBugger.y = path[num].y * 20;                  }, 100);*/      }    });    pathfinder.preparePathCalculation([0,0], [tilex,tiley]); //pathfinding functions    pathfinder.calculatePath(); //pathfinding functions  }

What I want to achieve is that the Sprite => reference.DBugger (Sprite for testing) moves through all the coordinates in that array piece by piece. If I uncomment that function atop, the sprite is already at the position were I have clicked. The best way would be some function that checks when the sprite has reached path[0] coordinates and then applies path[1] coordination and so on.

any suggestions? 

kind regards

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my solution if someone is interested in it:

Worker.prototype.moveTo = function( target ){  if(this.ismoving === true){      this.tween.stop();  }  var path = _this.path.find( this, target ),      i = 0,      ilen = path.length;  function moveObject( object ){    if(path.length > 1){      object.ismoving = true;      var StepX = path[i][0] || false,          StepY = path[i][1] || false;      object.tween = game.add.tween( object ).to({ x: StepX, y: StepY}, 150).start();      object.tween.onComplete.add(function(){        i++;        if(i < ilen){          moveObject( object );        }else{          return false;        }      });    }else{      //@TODO add emoticon - no path (!)      this.ismoving = false;    }  }  moveObject( this );};
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