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[help]Controllable 3d character model


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Hi, Gave up on blender, 3ds max was much much more simple.. import files & export to babylon.. even the animations contained in seperate .fbx files were automaticly added to the model when importing them(blender didn't do that).







So i want to play around and make a small game where you control a 3d character,

I have really never worked with 3d models before and blender is basicly taking a beating out of me..

I got a 3d character of a paladin with sword & shield and some animations, each in seperate .fbx files, (from mixamo.com).

as a start i just wanted to convert the 3d model itself, but when i exported to .babylon and loaded it into my scene, all that showed up was the shield.

Spent hours now trying to figure out how that blender & export stuff works and it is just taking the piss of me..

I haven't been able to find a good guide that explains exactly & how to do it properly,

So if anyone knows of such a guide on how to properly export 3d character models, preferably with pictures or video. could you please throw me a link?



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You'll receive lots of replies for how to best use Blender to accomplish what you need to build your game. And the best feature of Blender is that it is free. However, as I often do, I will quickly chime in and let you know that in using all of the afore mentined character applictions and scene pipelines, I personally find the very best results using Motionbuilder and the .fbx file fomat prior to exporting to the .babylon file format for use in babylon.js.


But there is a cost to purchase Motionbuilder, and users such as gryff and othrs are finding very good results from Blender and plugins for Blender such as MakeHuman. But I thought I'd at least provide you with what I've personally found to be the best, simplest, and fastest option for me, simply for your consideration. But there are several good and valid options available, and they will do everthing you require to produce your game. So you'll hear of mny of these in the coming days, and shuld be able to make a valid decision in short time. Just please keep Motionbuilder and FBX in the recesses of your mind, and perhaps give it a try if you get the chance, You can always download the 30 day trial version, and spend nothing to see if this might be a good solution for your needs.


But as mentioned above, there are several good solutions out there with many users on this forum who can guide you through the process and asist you with any issues you might run into.



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