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iPad performance


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Hi all, first of all I'm not doing a game, I'm just doing a scrolling website :)

So, the question is why the rendering is slow on the iPad, let me explain this better.


I've a simple webpage with only the pixi canvas. The canvas is composed by 4 images that are put one after another like this:




|    img 1   |


|    img 2   |


|    img 3   |


|    img 4   |



I used 4 images because I was using a single image that was 1440x3668px and the iPad did render the image.


Here is the demo: http://patrick.arminio.info/tests/pixipad/ it will start "scrolling" after 3 seconds. As can see on the ipad there's a bit of lag (sometime it just hangs for a few moments).

I also noticed that the second time I run the animation I get no hangs (I tried to run animateBackground() from the safari console). 


Let me know if you have suggestion.

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Have you tried dropping the TWEENjs library and just using the game loop and position increment inside it? The iPad's webUIView is very scarce on resources so you should try to keep things as simple as you can.
Additionally try to start the animation when all the resources are loaded for example:

window.onload = function() {    requestAnimationFrame(animate);} 
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