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Theory for TCG?


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I want to make TCG in JavaScript / Phaser.js, and I want you to tell me if this is a good way to implement card in game.

For each card I will have file with card ID and when player place card it will load card with specified ID.

If you know some better way, let me know :)

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I dont know what TCG is, but you've given us very little to go on.


From what you have said though, why wouldn't you load all your cards and stuff at the start? Users will accept a short startup delay but will probably get annoyed at loads of small delays whilst playing. You want the playtime to be smooth as possible with as few distractions (unless delays are a specific part of your game play, they are a huge distraction) so your user stays right there in your game world.


JS and Phaser is more than capable of creating most types of games (you could argue all) and I think the web is a great fit for card games which are inherently multi player.

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I think "TCG" means "Trading Card Game" but that's just a guess, and I think the intention is to support thousands of cards / variants.

Re the OP's question, if it's all to be client side and a fixed deck then you'll likely end up with a single json/xml document describing all the cards in the end (don't let this stop you starting with separate files in the beginning though). If you're aiming for multi-player and server side logic then I suggest it would be sensible to store card information in a database (again don't let this stop you from prototyping/starting with files if that will be more productive for you to develop and/or tweak/tune)

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