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Making Sense of the Documentation


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I worked with PIXIjs several years ago and returned to it recently to update my project. The docs I was familiar with were the API docs from the GoodBoyDigital site, which I will call the gbdDocs. After looking at references to the current version 3 framework I am led to believe that the 'official' docs I should be using are the API docs on PIXIjs' GitHub site, which I will call the ghDocs.


My project uses spritesheets, so I decided to start learning what's new in the V3 Loader. The ghDocs page on the Loader class is not very informative. It has some example code that shows a loader instance with add, once and load methods, but does not explain what those methods do. It does, however say, 

"The new loader, extends Resource Loader by Chad Engler : https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader"


I went to the Chad Engler github page where there was some minimal information about the add and load methods, but nothing about the once method. I went back to the gbdDocs where I found the once and load methods are described for all of the loader classes there, but the add method is not described in the gbdDocs. From this it seems that as Chad Engler's code extends the version 3 pixijs.loader class in the ghDocs, the ghDocs extends but does not replace the gbdDocs. I am assuming I'm wrong because this is confusing and I'm hoping for someone to correct me.


To add more confusion, I searched this site to find out if anyone else had similar issues. I came across this topic where the OP's code had a reference to a loader.reset() method. I haven't been able to find a description of that method in any or the docs yet.


A shorter statement of my request: Is there a single, concise, complete set of docs for PIXIjs?

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The pixi docs for v3 are on github, the ones on the GBD site are for v2. Don't use the GBD docs if you are using v3 of pixi.

You can look at all the methods in the resource loader source:


The single, complete set of docs for pixi are at the github docs:


The loader is not part of pixi, it is an external module that pixi uses. Just like EventEmitter3 is an external module that pixi (and the loader) uses. The "on", "off", "once" etc methods come from that module.

You can also look at the examples, which include some usages of the loader module:


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