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Extrude CAP problem


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The extrude cap process only computes the barycenter of the shape, so it can get some weird results if the shape isn't concave nor symetric what is the case in your  demo.

This a (my) choice of implementation because the extruded shapes can be dynamically morphed and the computation speed really matters to change the geometry on air. In brief, the cap algo must be as simple as possible.

demo : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#20IBWW#2

doc : http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/How_to_dynamically_morph_a_mesh#extruded-shape 


So if you have a convex model shape and you don't need to morph your extrusion dynamically, I would suggest you not to use the embbeded caps but to generate a triangulated plane polygon instead : http://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/2.2/PolygonMeshBuilder



Unless someone wants to try to implement a fast cap triangulation process  ;)

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