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RTS hit points indicator, in 3d canvas or in 2d canvas?


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What?  Huh?  What the heck is Nikos asking about now?  :D


BabylonJS dynamicTexture text on a plane parented to the camera


Absolute-positioned html span/div?


Is that what he's asking about?  ;)


Me, personally, I like a big DIV packed with SPANS across the top of my canvas. Easy CSS padding, margins, borders, fonts, good for putting all sorts of junk upon.  But that's me.  Others' mileage may vary.


http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/thruster/t26/flyer26.htm  (made before I knew about toFixed and there's some dark textures in the scene. I should update that thing someday, eh?)  :)

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