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Mesh strange position


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Hi there


it bit strange, I upgraded to newest exporter from blender , and banylon.js , but when I start play with Blender and export somethimes one mesh show OK but second on this same scene is in diffrent position and angle :






Babylon :




That blender file and exported babylon file:





thank you for indication why ;)

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I just double check,


The code is simple load babylon file , no any manipulate,


I just took again exporter from github to be sure is the newest ,


and showing again this same in strange position.


PS. I use blender 2.69 - just release few days ago.


is exporter on github is latest ?

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Ok I found it ,


I use exporter from github but is look like is not best, I found other one you sent link before on this forum and this one work fine,


Is any chance you could upload the one and  newest version on github as it is really confuzing especial when new version of babylon was on git hub , I did automaticly thought exporter there will be most bug free ;)


thank you , please let me know where is be best place to pick latest exporter.

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thank you , 


I know you very busy person but maybe will be good if you will add number of version in blender exporter like 1.01 and next 1.02 ..... or majors changes 2.0 like you do with a Babylon js.

That will make easier to compare version of exporter,




Thank you again ;)

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