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Documentation of JSON format for timeless?


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I mean tilemaps! Dang OS X autocorrector is not helpful.


I can't for the life of me find any description of the JSON files used with tilemaps. I can guess what a lot of it is but not, for example, what the "data" attribute is for. Since I'm making my own tilemaps I'm at a standstill. Can someone point me to where they're described?

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OK, I think I understand some issues better. You are supposed to generate the JSON file with a tool like Tile found at mapeditor.com. And apparently you have to build the map from scratch in the tool. I had a large .png file and wanted to designate parts as tiles after the fact. I guess that's not supported in Tile.


More to the point, my game takes place in 3 rooms, each with a 1920x1080 background. I thought I would concatenate them into a single 1920x3240 file and break that up into tiles, but I'm beginning to see that these would work better as sprites.

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