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I should have explained why I was looking for BabylonJs Type Definition file at DefinitelyTyped site.


I am a Java programmer and was looking for a way to program Babylonjs using Java.


Recently a new project came out called JSweet http://www.jsweet.org/ .

JSweet is a "Java -> TypeScript -> JavaScript" transpiler.


Thanks to TypeScript definition file they are able to provide Java interfaces to thousands of JavaScript libraries.

I think they have a nightly build cycle which pulls Type Definition files from DefinitelyTyped site and create corresponding Java interface libraries,


Their recommendation for  adding support for libraries not yet supported by JSweet is to contribute the library's TypeDefinition file to DefinitelyTyped  site.

See http://www.jsweet.org/faq/#What_should_I_do_to_use_a_JavaScript_library_that_is_not_currently_supported_by_JSweet

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Looks like "QuantumInformation" submission failed or did not have the tests.

Not sure how the test works.

I am assuming the tests are to validated the type definitions and that probably makes sense if the type definitions were created manually.

Given that BabylonJS itself is written in TypeScript and the TDs are auto generated  (right?) maybe we do not really need rigorous testing.

Maybe a dummy test file might suffice.





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