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Is there any description of render process?


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  1. updateTransform is calculating matrices based on position, scale and rotation of elements. Its recursive. But some containers (like ParticleContainer) prevent that and have their own magic for it.

To render DisplayObject you have to switch renderer to plugin corresponding to that element. If plugin that was active already, it can add element to the batch (like SpriteRenderer does it), or flush a previous batch. Batches are good for performance. There are different plugins: SpriteRenderer, MeshRenderer, GraphicsRenderer and my own SpineMeshRenderer.

To render container with filters you have to determine its bounds, switch renderer target to some buffer, render childrens, then apply a filter and switch target back.

Some containers (like ParticleContainer) has different logic for rendering: they are using special plugins to render their childrens more effectively. Of course they will work only with children types they know of, dont expect ParticleContainer work with meshes. 

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