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allocating Loader doesn't work


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I'm brand new to Phaser and I saw that you can use the Phaser.Loader in 2 ways:


1. via the 'game' object as follow:

game.load.pack(...);game.load.onLoadStart.add(loadStart, this);

Which works great!



2. by allocating Loader object as follow:

preloader = new Phaser.Loader(game);preloader.pack(...);preloader.onLoadStart.add(loadStart, this);

Doesn't work this way!



What am I missing in the 2nd option that prevents this code from working?


Thank you :-)


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When Loader is instantiated this way, it doesn't call the Callback methods.


I was trying to allocate a Loader so I can pass it as individual object into different Classes via CTOR.


Just something I got used to do when working with other frameworks.


But, no matter the reason it should work - else, why it has a CTOR that gets 'game' as a parameter?!?

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