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Part 2 of my Babylon.js tutorial on MSDN


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Hi Guys, 

Just wanted to share this link - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/mt614269

If any of you want to play my half-baked Bowling game you can find it here - https://raananweber.com/babylonBowling/

Click on the pins to shoot, keep the click to shoot stronger, press "r" to reset the scene, and "c" to change the color of the ball :)



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Nice raanan :) I'm better at virtual bowling than I have ever been in a real bowling alley. Two strikes and a spare in 4 attempts :o


Only comment, the bowling ball comes back towards me after the collision - my recollection (going back a few years) is that the ball continues on.


cheers, gryff :)

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"Throwing the Ball with Strength and Direction"


Yuh, a wonderful function and topic... but that is cannon-making 101.  :D  What about the children?!  heh


Remember back.  You know... putting many infants in a single room with toy blocks... is fine... until... they learn to throw them.  That's when the serious injuries began.  Are you SURE that you want to make gun-making code... public?  :)



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Hey guys,

just got back from a short break-from-normal-life.

Thanks for the feedback!

@Wingnut - Kids nowadays are... different :)My 3yo loves my little bowling game! He learned how to bowl IRL using muji'a sumo bowling (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/178595941442475032/). Our windows are still intact. let's see how long this will last!

@gryff - not sure what you mean - the ball continues until it falls down to the ground and then being relocated back to the camera's position. Did I miss something?

@iiceman - yep, this is sadly an Oimo issue - sometimes when things happen too fast, one or two collisions are being ignored. I think it has something to do with the calculation of the next tick, but i couldn't really debug it. You can see that it happens on Oimo's demo page as well from time to time. Cannon worked better, but 2.1 was using an old version. Using BJS 2.3 I would use cannon to solve this.


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