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Rotation perpendicular to selected face


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perpendicular is not enough for information ...

If you want the mesh2 to be perpendicular to some mesh1 face, you may tell us also how you want this mesh2 oriented ? looking at the screen ? looking at the sky ? etc

Actually you may precise 2 other more axis (the picked normal is the first one).

In your case, I would set 3 orthogonal axis (normal, Y, cross(normal, Y) if it's what you need) then I would use rotationFromAxis() to get the rotation to give to the mesh2.

Please do a PG

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I don't get what you are try to achieve ...

Imagine you just display Suzanne in its local (X,Y,Z) axis, ok ?

Now, just figure out how you want these (X, Y, Z) according to each mesh facet. "Perpendicular" is not enough information to set (X, Y, Z)

You could, for instance want :

Z => facet normal

Y => World Y ? or World Y projection on the facet normal ? or whatever ? only you know

X => cross(Y, Z)

Or anything else ... that's just an example

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16 hours ago, jerome said:

not sure,

in his last example, C75 computed a cross vector with from a mysterious axis (1, 1, 1) at the line 112 ...

Yes, that was random vector (bruted finding needful rotation), I tried to use lying mesh, and rotation formula became easier. Check it http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2C8LVE#6

and my final "clean" formula with standing  Suzanne  is here http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2C8LVE#7

But i'm still can't find solution to merge rotation of mesh and normal (@RaananW said about that). What methods I should use?

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