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The old and the new


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Well. I'm giving this new fangled forum a try - see where I get:o

This little demo started out as what I thought would be a simple task and here is my result so far:

Cassini's Terrestial Globe (1790) - with BJS

It turns out that creating maps for these old globes was quite a complex business and I am very very impressed with the skills of the old globe makers. They created strips of textures called "gores" which were then glued onto a sphere. No NASA maps back then :D

I used map parts available at the David Rumsey Map Collection available under this CC licence (No Commercial Use) You can see the "gores" (segments) at the map link.

And it took me sometime I might add. Still not perfect - but it is intended to be a decoration in something else that I am building - so this mayne enough.

Interestingly enough, a web browser version of this globe using WebGL had been created a while back:

Cassini's Terrestial Globe (1790) - with javascript and WebGL (2011).

Probably before BJS had popped into DK's head? :lol:

So now I hit the submit button see where it takes me.:unsure:

cheers, gryff :)

EDIT: Due to changes that DropBox has made as of October 3rd 2016:angry:, I had to change the link above to my new GitHub site - it now works (Oct 8th 2016 :)



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