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How to get world rotation of vertices?


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1 hour ago, Deltakosh said:

hello actually you code applies a complete worldmatrix to your vertex including position,rotation and scaling.

You should first decompose the matrix with Matrix.decompose to get a position, quaternion and scaling vector:)







Thanks!  Now i can edit vertices via drag and drop as seen on the picture.

Babylon is surprising fast generating the mesh!





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6 hours ago, hen said:

Babylon is surprising fast generating the mesh!

correction - Babylon is surprising fast generating the mesh!:)

So, your first question was rather simple. The second one is much harder. reminded me of this - https://xkcd.com/1425/

In general you will have to track your mouse movement, very similar to the drag and drop demo on the playground. Afterwards you will have to change the scale/rotation/position according to the new values from the mouse movement. This cannot be done in one time - i don't know of a way to rotate, scale and reposition in one mouse movement.

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Oh.. Sorry, the second one wasnt a question, i just wanted to show a screenshot of our vertex editing tool i just finished.

As well i was trying to tell that babylon is super fast in re-generating the mesh on position changes.

This works amazing good at runtime :)

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