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Weird triangles display error


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Hello all,

I have a game that is built with Phaser and converted to Android apk using Cordova. When I play to the game first time is ok, but when I finish, killing all and reload, something weird is happening with the display, does anybody knows why? any experience with something similar to this? (I'm attaching an image of the weird triangles).

Thanks a lot!


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I'm investigating this issue and I have more information:

- Is not happening in the same game running in the browser, only in the mobile device.

- Is related with the Phaser graphics class I use to draw circles, if I remove the part of the code that draws the circles the problem is not happening.

I'm using the same code as here in the example to draw a circle progress:


First time works, but second time after I kill the graphics and the game with this code:

arc = undefined;
game = undefined;

The weird thing is happening, I don't know why!

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