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SPS and Shadow Test


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Nothing to ask, just a little as I'm discovering how the shadows work :


Here, you've got a SPS with 1000 rotating boxes in a big box (line 29). They all cast shadows inside the big box while moving. The shadows are blurred and anti-aliased (Blur Variance) what is the smoothest rendering but also the most expensive one. That's what I wanted to test (to stress) with a big number of flying objects.

Moreover, the directional light is permanently set behing the cam when you move and orientated to the center of the big box. This forces the shadows to slide along the walls according to the light/camera current position.


This runs at 60 fps on my Chrome browser here :-)


[EDIT] just stressed it more : more than 7000 boxes with their shadows here and still 60 fps

I like this framework !

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