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Why a TypeScript forum?


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Again, I don't care and have no intention of starting flame wars (If there is a flamewar, I'm going pure javascript over EVERYTHING ;) but I'd never heard of anyone using TypeScript for games, but know of a lot of CoffeeScript games...


https://github.com/search?q=coffeescript+game&type=Repositories == 433 results

https://github.com/search?q=typescript+game&type=Repositories == 33 results



(full disclosure - I just finished writing a book on making games in CoffeeScript!)

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I'm interested in TypeScript but can't find the forum in question :)


IMHO The most interesting thing with TS it the use of VS integrated debugger and powerful intellisense, I used many editors : notepad++, sublime text, eclipse, aptana ... but nothing was better than VS ...


CoffeScript is good too but I didn't find any editor that support the features above .

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I removed the board :) It was created the first day I made this forum but the boards all changed a lot, to avoid there being lots of empty boards. We can break down the coding board into specific languages when the forum gets more popular.


I agree re: TS - it's clean, structured and the output JS was excellent. But using Visual Studio was the cherry on the cake (unless you use a Mac of course!)

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