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Texture follow curving path


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Do you mean something like this: https://www.gameeapp.com/game/bPWcPaJRF7? This game was hired work for Gamee platform.

Curve is infinite and on every single line of screen I take its value and create two sprites (left white and right black). This is rendered into RenderTexture. I run into performance issues, but solved it in the end (see my old post):

 In the end I have sprite pools and what was key was to put them into group and render this group instead of single sprites.

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Hi lostincomputer,

I wrote that stuff on the greensock forum. Here's a demo of that tileable rope using PIXI. http://codepen.io/osublake/pen/vNjjqa

There's a bunch of code in there, so I just copied the tile rope class into a new pen. It's just a slightly modified version of the PIXI Rope class and the usage is the same. http://codepen.io/osublake/pen/4228bdb83c28bb1c739b4f53f05e1bad?editors=0010


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