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Conways Game of Life UPDATE (3D)


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I have done a small project about Conway Game of Life (Wikipedia)

You can see it in action here

Or take a look at the code here

The SPS really helped to get a decent amount of cells on the screen without breaking it. Its probably still not optimal how I did it, but up to about 100 * 100 (10000 cubes) are working relatively smoothly.

I am planing to submit that project to a Code Competition. So if you check it out and maybe give some pointers what could be done differently would be great ;). 


EDIT: because iceman pointed out the 3D conway from the monthly challange. I tried to also implement a 3D version. Just be easy on the grid size :D 

Also it is now posible to switch cameras (by pressing c) 

If you opened the above link before you might need to strg+f5 (but i am guessimg you guys know this ; )

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No, haven't seen that. Coll stuff, thanks for the links!
I might expand it to a 3D grid, don't know how strictly they want the rules to be followed at that code competition so. 

Monthly challenges will be back anytime soon? 

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