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Since it's my first post let me just say that I'm loving the framework, I've been fiddling around a few days and I am really happy. Cheers for the great work, please keep it up! Also, thanks for accepting the Polygon pull request :-)


I wanted to add some event handling to a text element, but there's no straightforward way. It seems to be possible placing a blank sprite or a rectangle on top of it.


Digging into the source I realized the Text class is deriving from Pixi and adding a few things. So I thought the mouseover/tap etc callbacks would work in phaser too, but apparently not. The question is, is this by design (to enforce using Phaser event system) or is Phaser just using an older version of Pixi? If the latter, is it planned to change? I read somewhere that you plan on rethinking the bitmap class to extend the sprite so it has everything.



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