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How to display real time video stream with VideoTexture?


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Is this possible to use video stream in videotexture?

I'm trying to use video stream as video texture but object with this material doesn't display in the browser at all.

This is how I'm creating the texture:
var videoTexture = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["http://localhost:8090/test.webm"], scene, false, false);

I can display the stream itself in browser without any problem and console says browser has loaded the file with OK status.

If I use video file from disk instead of stream url it displays fine.


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I have ffserver+ffmpeg duo which is streaming part of the screen. I can display it in the browser, just by loading the url.

If I save ffmpeg output to the file and load this file into the video texture it works as expected.

The only problem is when I use URI with http protocol: "http://localhost:8090/test.webm"

I've tried to use exact scene you've lined, just replacing the texture URI and still the same. 

Meanwhile I've updated the system and now chrome displays such errors in console when loading the file:

[GroupMarkerNotSet(crbug.com/242999)!:C8A88BA6B11F0000]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible texture filtering.
[GroupMarkerNotSet(crbug.com/242999)!:C8A88BA6B11F0000]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0

I've set resolution of the video stream to 512x512 but it didn't helped. Movie loaded from disk can have any resolution and still works fine. 

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