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taking a 'snapshot' of scene sometimes works, sometimes doesn't


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hello ...

I am trying to take a 'snapshot' of a babylon3d scene ... in other words: I am trying to clone a babylonjs canvas when a user presses a button, and  then append the new <canvas> to the <body> .. Sometimes it works, but other times it does not.

However, if I use a simple canvas (ie. by using fillRect), the cloning/appending always works as expected.

I have set up a test on plunker to demonstrate my problem:plunker demo ... press the button over and over again to see how sporadic it behaves when there is a babylon scene. NOTE: You can toggle between the plain canvas and the babylon canvas from within the _jquery(document).ready(...)   handler .

thanks, Shannon


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Hi Shannon!  Welcome to the forum, good to have you with us.
I tried a fork and some experiments...  http://plnkr.co/edit/SSQ97mscP8x4Ds9EbFv5?p=preview

Open your console, I got some reporting happening.

That line 79 .ready() func... should run every click.  I wanted to replace your line 81... with my line 82.  Essentially, I was trying to make sure we were always targeting the LAST canvas in the document.  I thought maybe we were putting the BJS scene into canvas[0] over and over (and thus not filling the new canvas's).   (canvi = plural of canvas?)  :D

I have no real solutions figured, yet.  Just playing.  .ready() should execute every click.  It doesn't.  Not sure why not, yet.   Still learning.  :)  I'm sure smarter people than myself, will comment.  Again, welcome.  Interesting issue.

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solution at stackoverflow

basically: var lvo_engine = new BABYLON.Engine( lvo_canvas , true , {preserveDrawingBuffer : true} ) ;
however, this will affect performance for a complex 3d scene ... so there will need to be a toggle that turns this feature on when the button is clicked, and then turns it off after the clone has succeeded ...

Also, apparently Babylonjs has a BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, size)

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